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'Hidden Nature' reveals Earth's true beauty
By DeAllous Smith

Some people stop and smell the roses, but, for local artists like Steve Tanner, it's about appreciating all of Mother Nature. "Hidden Nature," Tanner's new, limited-time exhibit at Hartsfield-Jackson, finds art and enchantment in the Earth's natural colors and innate beauty.

Travelers who see the photographs, which are on display in the Airport's Atrium, are mesmerized by the pure greens, deep browns and bright oranges.

"I spend one day a week observing nature in quiet, remote places," Tanner said. "Inspiration for my images first came while [I was] paddling through a swamp of old-growth cypress tress."

Georgia and its natural landscapes always have been on his mind. Tanner began photographing while kayaking along the state's waterways. The Chattahoochee, Oconee and Suwannee rivers offered ideal backdrops for him to capture images such as contorted tree roots and rays of sunlight bursting through tangled tree branches.

"As my curiosity grew, I let my instinct guide me to distinctive places," he said. "Before my eyes, the swamp changed into a mystical dreamscape as land and water came together as one."

His love of landscapes would lead him to the North Georgia mountains and the natural gateways of Florida and South Carolina.

Passengers can see the world from Tanner's perspective through April 29.


Hidden Nature

Steve Tanner's photos, on display in the Airport Atrium, offer a unique view of nature.

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