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CIFAL conference attendees discuss economics
By John McCullough

More than 30 officials from Caribbean nations gathered at Hartsfield-Jackson for a CIFAL Atlanta seminar on April 2 and 3, where a major topic on the agenda was developing strategies for helping Caribbean airports drive economic development. This gathering is part of a yearlong Airports for Economic Development Global Series.

"The turbulent global economy impacts us all," said Robert Kennedy, assistant general manager of Operations, Maintenance and Security. "This seminar provides the platform to share insights and ideas on how airports can maintain — and perhaps increase — service levels in the face of trying economic times."

During the seminar, Hartsfield-Jackson Chief Information Officer Lance Lyttle delivered a keynote presentation that focused on the Airport's new and upcoming technology initiatives.

CIFAL Atlanta, an affiliate of the United Nations, was created to provide government authorities and leaders of countries in the Western Hemisphere with a forum to exchange strategies, tools and best practices on issues of technology, economic development and civil rights.

Atlanta is one of 12 cities worldwide with a CIFAL office.

CIFAL Atlanta seminar

CIFAL Atlanta seminar attendees get lunch at the Executive Conference Center at Hartsfield-Jackson.

CIFAL Atlanta luncheon

Aviation Chief Information Officer Lance Lyttle talks about Hartsfield-Jackson's technological innovations during his keynote presentation at the CIFAL Atlanta luncheon in April.

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