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Hartsfield-Jackson in the news

Hartsfield-Jackson's new full-service spa — part of the ongoing upgrade to concessions at the Airport — got front-page placement in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on April 20. The story focused on XpresSpa but also described the overall retail project and the reasoning behind it.

The Airport's innovative music program caught the attention of both CNN.com and the BBC. The program selects classic, feel-good songs and rewrites the lyrics to deliver Airport-specific messages, which the original artists then record for broadcast over the Airport's PA system.

CNN.com ran its article, "Atlanta airport grooving to clean music," on April 9. Doug Strachan, creative innovations manager and author of the new lyrics, discussed the origin of the idea and the way it developed. Some of the artists who recorded the songs said that they were pleased to participate and happy with the results.

The BBC broadcasted a live interview with Hartsfield-Jackson Senior Public Relations Manager John Kennedy on April 10. The host played a clip of the song "Our New Concessions," a revision of "Fantastic Voyage" by Lakeside, which encourages Airport visitors to do their part to keep the facility clean.

In other news:

  • The new rental car center, formerly known as CONRAC, was featured in an in-depth story in Southeast Construction magazine.

  • The Atlanta Business Chronicle published a story updating the status of the Airport's work on the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal and contract negotiations with Delta Air Lines.

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