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Airport volunteers pitch in for annual FOD Walk
By DeAllous Smith

Hartsfield-Jackson hosted its eighth annual FOD Walk event for Airport and airline employees on May 14. Their mission was simple: search for and pick up any foreign object debris — or FOD.

At about 6 a.m., with an early morning chill nipping at their backs, volunteers began arriving at the north cargo building and boarding buses. Runway 8L/26R was closed so that the volunteers could patrol.

"We received a strong showing of support from volunteers who wanted to be a part of this year's FOD Walk," said Garth Collins, Airport senior Operations supervisor. "And they did an outstanding job. I was extremely pleased to see practically every career field in Aviation represented during the event."

Pilots, administrative assistants, flight attendants and even an executive speech writer were among the 200 FOD Walk participants who canvassed the runway and north cargo ramp area.

Thanks to daily FOD inspections by the Airport's Airside Operations unit, there was not much to find, but a few volunteers were able to drop small pieces of paper, rocks and plastics into their nearly empty trash bags.

"All employees are encouraged to pick up debris located along the roadways," Collins said. "However, any large item or debris spotted on the airfield should be reported immediately to the Airport's Airside Operations unit."

To report FOD, call the Airport Airside Operations office at (404) 530-6620.

FOD Walk

Rebecca Francosky, Aviation senior market research analyst, picks up debris at the FOD Walk on May 14.

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