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Art exhibit goes to infinity and beyond
By DeAllous Smith

You don't have to be Buzz Lightyear, the famous action figure from Disney/Pixar's 1995 hit movie "Toy Story," in order to travel through outer space. The Airport Art Program's newest exhibit, "From Earth to the Universe," simulates the journey with a collection of astronomical images displayed in the Transportation Mall.

The exhibit is part of 2009's International Year of Astronomy, marking the 400th anniversary of Galileo's first recorded observations through a telescope. Professional and amateur astronomers from around the world captured the images using both ground- and space-based telescopes.

The collection guides passengers through Hartsfield-Jackson's underground corridors, beginning at Concourse A and concluding at Concourse D.

"The Airport's Transportation Mall presents a perfect venue to create an outer-space experience that moves increasingly distant from the Earth," said Katherine Marbury, Airport Art Program manager. "Objects in the solar system are represented in the first hall so that, walking from Concourse A, you start only a few light-minutes away from Earth and move billions of light-years distant as you reach Concourse D."

The exhibit will remain on display through June 2010.

"These images are of such intensity and beauty that we hope everyone will take a moment to stop and consider the distance from Earth to the universe," Marbury added.

From Earth to the Universe Exhibit

Even the most experienced traveler will see "travel photos" like never before in the "From Earth to the Universe" exhibit.




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