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Color-coded signs ease traffic at taxi assembly area
By Roishina C. Henderson

Have you driven by Hartsfield-Jackson's taxi assembly area on the Terminal North side lately? You won't see any traffic congestion or long lines wrapped around the terminal parkway.

The Airport's Ground Transportation unit has worked with taxi drivers to alleviate the traffic congestion resulting from taxi drivers waiting on the roadways for entrance into the assembly area.

In late March, Ground Transportation Manager Winston Cooper called a meeting with Operations unit personnel, Airport taxi representatives, police and the Division of Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire to discuss the congestion and its effect on public safety and customer service.

It was suggested that the taxi drivers propose a plan to police themselves, and the meeting participants worked to develop a simple yet effective solution.

"Color-coded signs have been created to inform taxi drivers if space is available in the assembly lot," Cooper said.

Drivers from the Atlanta Taxicab Industry Association volunteer to stand near the entrance area with the color-coded signs to alert other drivers when the lot is full.

The drivers then are directed to the Airport's lower level, where they are given color-coded tickets for entry into the lot when there is space available and that color is displayed on the signs.

"Drivers can get something to eat, run an errand and still receive entry into the lot when they return," Cooper said.

The plan has been beneficial for all drivers in the area, including the taxi drivers themselves.

"We reduced anxiety and have no congestion," Cooper said. "In addition, the drivers don't have to worry about getting a [traffic violation] ticket."

Congestion Free

The taxi assembly area no longer has long lines of taxis blocking traffic outside the entrance, thanks to a new system of color-coded signs.

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