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Women find their niche in IT
By Roishina C. Henderson

Information technology has various, sometimes complex components and is multifaceted — like a woman.

In what often seems to be a male-dominated field, it may surprise some that 22 of the 54 tech experts in Hartsfield-Jackson's Information Services Division (ISD) are women.

Several women in ISD sat down recently to briefly talk about their roles and their interest in technology.

As a woman in the technology field, it's important to excel, said business systems manager Sharon Jones.

"We have to be top-notch and constantly overachieve," she said.

Dawn Daniels Muhammad, an expert in Web site design, has been with ISD since 2000 and was involved in redesigning the Hartsfield-Jackson Web site. She has seen many changes in the division, including the increase in the number of women.

"I enjoy it [designing Web sites]," she said. "And it's wonderful to witness how our team has developed and grown as it has over the years."

Patricia Davis, a supervisor whose expertise is in computer troubleshooting, finds the work fulfilling.

"It's making that customer happy and getting it [the problem] worked out. Information technology is always evolving, and there's an opportunity to build and grow," she said.

Because there are many facets of information technology, Davis said they are in the "information-sharing and cross-training" business. "We allow for career growth, and we have an open-door policy."

The ISD women credit Chief Information Officer Lance Lyttle's leadership for the success of the division and its position on the cutting edge of technology.

"We have phenomenal leadership — a visionary and a strong, committed team," said Sonia Vaird, infrastructure operations manager.

When asked whether they are also the "go-to" people in their personal lives for computer assistance and troubleshooting, the women of ISD nodded quickly and responded with a resounding "Yes!"

The Women of ISD

The women of ISD are Madhavi Rao (from left), Kareba Hubbard, Marquita Freeman, Dawn Daniels Muhammad, Suneela Palakolanu, Letitia King-Branch, Patricia Davis, Claudia Eden, Tonia Nixon, Nyreen Lamb, Angela Perkinson, Erinn Graham, Michelle Longmore, Sharon Jones and Sonia Vaird.

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