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Hartsfield-Jackson in the news

Hartsfield-Jackson's plans to launch a free Wi-Fi program in early 2010 were announced on the front page of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on July 15. The Airport's research found that there was demand for both free Wi-Fi and a paid Wi-Fi service that offers access to sites that are closed to those using free service. The answer, Airport officials determined, was a hybrid program that offers customers the choice.

Long layovers can be a nuisance for travelers, but two online features suggested Hartsfield-Jackson's artistic offerings as a suggested antidote to the potential boredom.

Forbes magazine's list of interesting ways to pass the time at the nation's airports highlighted Hartsfield-Jackson's collection of Zimbabwean sculptures.

The Zimbabwean sculptures also appeared in the "Stuck at the Airport" blog by USA Today writer Harriet Baskas, who encouraged travelers to check out the Airport's "From Earth to the Universe" and Martin Luther King Jr. exhibits as well.

In other news:

  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on July 15 covered Hartsfield-Jackson's marketing campaign to promote on-site park-ride lots as convenient and affordable.

  • USA Today on July 6 mentioned the Airport's innovative new system of color-coded signs to ease traffic around the taxi assembly area.

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