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Airport to launch public awareness campaign for rental car center
By A.B. Snedeker

With construction all but complete and just about four months to go until the new rental car center opens for business, Airport officials are ready to launch a public awareness campaign for the state-of-the-art facility.

The campaign will kick off with a press conference in early August as Aviation General Manager Ben DeCosta is set to announce the official countdown to the opening of the rental car center and the all-new ATL SkyTrain. The campaign is designed to generate awareness of the rental car center's opening and the benefits for customers as well as to give information about how to access rental car services when the center opens in November.

The rental car center will consolidate all rental vehicle operations into one location, accessible from the passenger terminal via the ATL SkyTrain automated people mover.

Hartsfield-Jackson is the first airport in the country to open a rental car center and its associated people mover simultaneously.

DeCosta also will announce the launch of a new set of Web pages dedicated to the rental car center. The pages, at http://www.atlanta-airport.com/RentalCarCenter, detail the important changes to the car rental process for passengers and provide step-by-step instructions for accessing the facility.

Along with news and answers to frequently asked questions, the new Web pages also feature videos, photos and other information about the center and the ATL SkyTrain.

Rental Car Center

The rental car center public awareness campaign will feature this image.

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