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A foot in the door: Interns return as employees
By Sarah Boyle

Each year, dozens of students come to Hartsfield-Jackson as interns. Some find out more about their career paths. Some come to understand the workplace better.

And some find out that they don't want to leave.

Kenya Moore was one intern who found out that the Airport was the place for her. Moore interned for Human Resources several years ago, and now she works for that department — appropriately, coordinating the Hartsfield-Jackson internships.

Moore's enthusiasm for her job shows through in her description of Hartsfield-Jackson: "I like the ever-changing atmosphere here. [The airport operates] in a progressive, forward-thinking manner. I enjoy the idea of change that we've been undergoing the past couple of years."

According to Moore, the goal of the summer internship program is to provide students with a real-world work experience, one that takes them from theory to practice. If interns choose to stay at Hartsfield-Jackson or come back in the future, everyone wins.

The Airport has provided summer interns with valuable experiences for 10 years, with seven interns returning to work here as full-time employees.

Karen Korir, who interned with Planning and Development as a graduate student, returned to work in the Engineering department as an assistant facility manager. She said her internship was "a perfect fit" and "an opportunity I couldn't pass up."

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