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Art appreciation: Airport Art Program
makes a splash with its new Web pages

By DeAllous Smith

Although they are dedicated to art, Hartsfield-Jackson's new online pages don't call for interpretation.

Visitors to the Art Program's portion of the Airport's Web site are greeted by vibrant images, such as marching ants and a flying ear of corn titled "Corncorde." These photos represent two of the many treasures discovered every day at the world's most efficient airport.

Aviation officials are rolling out the new pages to site users in three phases. Once complete, the pages will include exhibit photographs, art calendars, submission details for artists and a general overview of the Airport Art Program.

The pages' inclusive layout appeals to a broad audience. Travelers can access videos of various exhibits by clicking on the links to the Airport's Facebook and YouTube pages.

"The Internet has given us a virtual window to display our entire collection," said Katherine Marbury, Airport Art Program manager. "In essence, we're allowing our passengers to view images and learn more information about an exhibit that they may have seen — or will want to see while passing through the facility."

With an expansive canvas of more than 5.8 million square feet of space, Hartsfield-Jackson is home to Atlanta's largest collection of public artwork. Works range in scale from small framed pieces to monumental art that is integrated into the architecture.

"Art adds to your experience," Marbury said. "Our online home is designed to raise passenger awareness about the program and encourage travelers to discover the artworks during layovers or while waiting for departure."

To find out more about the Airport Art Program online, go to http://www.atlanta-airport.com, click the Passenger Information link, then select the Airport Art Program from the drop-down menu.

Art Web Site Image

The ongoing expansion of the Art Program's Web presence includes a new photo gallery of the sculptures from Zimbabwe that grace the walkway between Concourse T and Concourse A. The gallery includes descriptions of the pieces and information about the artists.

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