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Airport displays artists' renderings of words
By DeAllous Smith

Remember the alphabet game, in which each player in turn named an American city that began with the next letter of the alphabet? Now, imagine a similar scenario in the art world, with 1,200 people playing — but this time, painting visual interpretations of selected words on blank canvases.

Sounds exciting, right?

Well, in the spirit of social projects, Hartsfield-Jackson — in partnership with the Art House Gallery — is displaying in the Airport's Atrium more than 1,000 small canvases painted by amateur and professional artists.

The exhibition is part of Art House's "The Canvas Project: Encyclopedia Edition," which calls on artists and amateurs all over the world to create artistic images using selected words provided to them.

"Hartsfield-Jackson remains a big supporter of the arts community. We are delighted to prominently feature this exhibit to the 40,000 travelers who pass through our Atrium area each day," said Katherine Marbury, Airport Art Program manager. "We hope passengers enjoy viewing this unique exhibit.

"The addition of this collection shows that there's more than one way to interpret the meaning of a word."

The exhibit is open to the public and runs through September 9.

Aviation officials noted that Hartsfield-Jackson is home to the city of Atlanta's largest public art space, with more than 250 artworks displayed throughout its 5.8 million square feet of space.

Interested in learning more about "The Canvas Project"? Visit the Art House Gallery's Web site at http://www.arthousecoop.com. For more information about the Airport Art Program, log on to http://www.atlanta-airport.com.

Canvas Project

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