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Did you know ? Interesting facts about

By Sarah Boyle

Did you know ?

Before Hartsfield-Jackson's parallel runways were created, the Airport had a system of intersecting runways. The result: Only one airplane could take off at a time. With an average of 524 flights a day, this limitation meant that even if flights were spread out evenly throughout 24 hours, each plane would have only about three minutes to get off the runway.

Did you know ?

Because Georgia's only major airport was often so busy, in the late 1960s there were several plans to construct a second airport. One possible location for the second airfield would have required passengers to drive past the Atlanta Airport to reach the second location. These plans were scrapped in favor of expanding Atlanta's original Airport.

Did you know ?

Former President Jimmy Carter was the first person to leave the Atlanta Airport through the new terminals built in 1980. Mayor Maynard Jackson was the first to arrive via the new terminals.



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