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Look out below: Mosaic tiles in floors draw passengers' attention
By DeAllous Smith

When it was time for Airport Art Program managers Katherine Marbury and David Vogt to select the newest artwork for Hartsfield-Jackson, going up was not an option. Instead, they chose to install three original mosaic tile pieces — designed by Atlanta artists — in the floor.

Passengers admiring the beautiful images will notice an 1850s map of Atlanta traced with a labyrinth (“Atlanta Labyrinth” by Cheryl Goldsleger) on Concourse A, a colorful airplane propeller (“Propulsion” by Anita Arliss) on Concourse B and a natural granite design of Stone Mountain (“Mountain of Stone” by Donald Cooper) on Concourse C.

“We’re very excited to reveal these art pieces, which establish a sense of place for passengers walking through the concourses,” Marbury said. “Although Atlanta is a relatively young city, the images remind travelers of the city’s humble beginnings, its connection to aviation and the original appearance of one of our most famous natural landmarks.”

Marbury hopes the tiles will become meeting places or points of reference for travelers who are unfamiliar with the Airport.

Stephen Miotto Mosaics created the pieces at studios in Italy and shipped them to Hartsfield-Jackson for installation. The tiles will appear in the centerpoint areas of concourses A, B and C. Crews began preparing the first site on Concourse A on September 8.

“We are always looking for creative, exciting and new ways to enhance the facility through art,” Marbury added. “We hope passengers will continue to be amazed at the works that lie in front of, above and — now — beneath them.”

“Atlanta Labyrinth” on Concourse A and two other mosaics on concourses B and C depict images with local significance.



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