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Hartsfield-Jackson’s newest art exhibit goes ‘Into the Fog’
By DeAllous Smith

Hartsfield-Jackson has unveiled a collection of images that capture the warmth, beauty and mystery of Mother Nature in regional artist Kevin Nickell’s new Atrium exhibit, “Into the Fog.”

“Fog is more than a cloud that travels low along the ground. It can shield our visibility and create a sense of remoteness in extreme situations,” said Airport Art Program Manager Katherine Marbury. “Kevin Nickell’s black-and-white images capture nature’s colorful beauty even in the midst of dreary fog.”

Nickell combined his passion for art and his quest for perfection while telling a story through the camera lens. He said he knows that he has found “the one” when he cannot walk away from the view finder.

“The artwork plays into our innate human senses,” Marbury said. “It’s often said that when one sense becomes limited, another sense is heightened. In these pieces, even as fog tends to blur our vision, the observer is still able to place himself or herself within the photo and imagine the smell, touch and sounds of the environment.”

“Into the Fog” will be displayed in the Atrium Gallery through March 3.

To learn more about the Airport Art Program, visit Hartsfield-Jackson’s Web site at www.atlanta-airport.com, click the Passenger Information link, then select the Airport Art Program from the drop-down menu.

Kevin Nickell’s black-and-white photographs, such as “Broken Limb,” capture misty images of nature. The “Into the Fog” exhibit will be in the Atrium through March 3.



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