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Step ’n Wash gives travelers a boost toward cleanliness
By DeAllous Smith

To help prevent the spread of germs and disease, Hartsfield-Jackson is installing 72 Step ’n Wash devices — one in every public restroom throughout the facility. The project is expected to be completed in March.

“Step ’n Washes are self-retracting steps, secured permanently underneath restroom sink counters, which give the Airport’s smallest users the ability to wash their hands before leaving the area,” said Doug Strachan, Airport Innovations manager.

When the project is complete, Hartsfield-Jackson will be the first major airport to install a Step ’n Wash system in every public restroom. Each step holds up to 600 pounds, so it also can support adults who may have trouble accessing soap and paper towel dispensers.

The Step ’n Wash units will increase the convenience for parents, who no longer will have to lift their children up to the sinks.

To notify passengers about the Step ’n Washes, decals will be applied to the mirrors directly in front of the sinks where they are available.

Hartsfield-Jackson is providing Step ’n Wash units in all restrooms, making it easier for children to stay clean and prevent illness.



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