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Franchises find success at Hartsfield-Jackson
By Amy Schneider

With more than 88 million passengers — not to mention family and friends picking them up and dropping them off — traveling through the Airport every year, Hartsfield-Jackson’s concessionaires have a bounty of potential customers. Their sales numbers reflect the benefits of their prime locations at the world’s busiest airport, too; many of them are the top sellers for their franchises nationwide.

Twenty-nine concessions at Hartsfield-Jackson were the No. 1 or No. 2 sellers in the United States for their brands, and in some cases the Airport is home to both of the top sellers:

1. Abica Coffee (A28, No. 1)
2. Asian Chao (A Center, No. 1)
3. Asian Chao (Atrium, No. 2)
4. Atlanta Bread Company (C24, No. 1)
5. Atlanta Bread Company (Atrium, No. 2)
6. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (C Center, No. 2)
7. Bistro del Sol (Atrium, No. 1)
8. Charley’s Steakery (C12, No. 1)
9. Checkers (B Center, No. 1)
10. Chick-fil-A (A11, No. 1)
11. Freshëns (A9, No. 1)
12. Freshëns (B26, No. 2)
13. Georgia Lottery (Atrium, No. 1)
14. Great Wraps (A Center, No. 1)
15. Houlihan’s (Atrium, No. 2)
16. Krystal (A28, No. 2)
17. Le Petit Bistro (T8, No. 1)
18. Moe’s Southwest Grill (C11, No. 1)
19. Nature’s Table (E Center, No. 1)
20. Popeyes (C17, No. 1)
21. Popeyes (B Center, No. 2)
22. Seattle’s Best Coffee (B Center, No. 1)
23. Sojourner’s Café (D5, No. 1)
24. Sojourner’s Café (E29, No. 2)
25. Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint (D9, No. 1)
26. T.G.I. Friday’s (B Center, No. 1)
27. Wall Street Deli (A Center, No. 1)
28. Wendy’s (C25, No. 1)
29. Wendy’s (Atrium, No. 2)

Hartsfield-Jackson also succeeds in bringing new concessions to air travelers. Thirty-five concessions — including Arthur Treacher’s, BlackBerry, Checkers, Great Wraps, Minute Suites, On the Border and Sean John — made their airport debuts at Hartsfield-Jackson.


Nature’s Table on Concourse E was the No. 1 seller
nationwide for its brand.


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