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Airport extends longest runway
By A.B. Snedeker

During the heat of summer, it can take much longer for aircraft to gain the lift needed to take off. In fact, air temperature directly affects how much fuel, passengers and cargo an airplane can carry — and how much runway is needed for a safe takeoff.

Hartsfield-Jackson is lengthening its longest runway by 500 feet. The Runway 27R extension project will allow planes to fly longer distances nonstop because they can hold more fuel on takeoff. The longer runway makes it possible to add new nonstop destinations from Atlanta, saving airlines and their passengers time and money by eliminating the need for refueling stops.

The added 500 feet also adds to the runway’s safe operation. Runway 9L/27R is Hartsfield-Jackson’s primary runway not only for takeoffs but also for emergency landings. The extension provides a longer landing surface for aircraft to work with during emergency landings.

Runway 9L/27R is 11,889 feet long. The project also is extending parallel sections of taxiways L and M. In total, about 44,000 square yards of pavement will be added.

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