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Airport developing sustainable management plan
By Amy Schneider

Hartsfield-Jackson is among 10 airports nationwide participating in a pilot project with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop ways for airports to be better environmental stewards in their communities.

Through the project, the Airport will develop a sustainable management plan that outlines its goals and target dates for various environmental- and sustainability-related initiatives.

“Hartsfield-Jackson includes its commitment to environmental responsibility in its mission statement and is serious about minimizing its effect on natural resources,” Aviation General Manager Louis Miller said. “We already are taking many of the right steps. Developing a sustainable management plan just formalizes our intent and provides guidelines for achievable ways that we can make a difference.”

The Airport is working with AECOM consultants to identify areas for improvement, measure the Airport’s environmental impact and set reasonable goals in light of baseline data.

The plan will focus on four areas — procurement, construction, operations/maintenance and policy — and will set target dates for implementing initiatives within each area. For example, a construction goal may be to use recycled materials in new buildings and to attain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for new facilities. An operations and maintenance goal may be to convert vehicles to compressed natural gas.

The FAA is financing 75 percent of the costs to develop the plan, which will be designed to reduce energy consumption, reduce pollutant emissions and make the Airport a better neighbor to surrounding communities. The hope is that the 10 participating airports’ work can be adapted to other U.S. airports for a more comprehensive effort to improve airports’ sustainability.

Hartsfield-Jackson will submit its plan to the FAA by the end of the year.

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