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Georgia Tech students assess Airport accessibility
By Amy Schneider

Seven students from Georgia Tech’s Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access gave presentations at Hartsfield-Jackson’s Tech Campus on December 13 in which they outlined the findings of their assessments of the Airport’s accessibility for all groups of people.

The students chose aspects of the Airport that previously had been identified as potentially problematic for people with disabilities or other special needs. Jan Lister, customer service manager and founder of the Airport’s Accessibility Committee, has been working with the center and its director, Jon Sanford, who led the students in their projects.

During their assessment of the Airport in the fall, the students weighed the current design and structures against the Seven Principles of Universal Design, which promote accessible designs in order to benefit not only those with disabilities but also the entire population.

One group’s presentation was on the Airport’s signage and wayfinding, while the other group examined the food court areas.

“The students were able to pinpoint areas for potential improvement and raise awareness of the types of issues to consider from an accessibility standpoint,” Lister said. “The students were invited to use their imaginations in proposing solutions for these issues, without any budgetary constraints, so some of their suggestions may not be feasible financially, but all of them showed a lot of thoughtfulness and innovation. They certainly gave us a lot to think about.”

December 13 was the second time that Georgia Tech students have delivered their findings on these accessibility studies. Other groups of students made presentations on wayfinding, signage and seating in December 2010.

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