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Runway 27R now 500 feet longer
By A.B. Snedeker

More nonstop destinations, additional payload capacity, more flexibility for aircraft operations and enhanced safety during emergency situations are all potential benefits of an extension to Runway 27R.

The 500-foot extension to the Airport’s longest runway opened to aircraft traffic on July 16.

The extra length will make it possible to accommodate heavier aircraft during the heat of summer, when it can take longer for aircraft to gain the lift needed to take off. Air temperature directly affects how much fuel, passengers and cargo an airplane can carry — and how much runway is needed for a safe takeoff.

“The runway extension allows long-haul aircraft to fly longer distances nonstop, because they can hold more fuel on takeoff,” said Aviation General Manager Louis Miller. “An additional 500 feet here means our passenger and cargo carriers can reach nonstop destinations hundreds of miles farther away than they could before.”

The $40 million project included the runway extension, extensions of taxiways L and M, and the creation of taxiways LA, LB and LC. These three additional taxiways give departing aircraft triple access to Runway 27R, which increases carriers’ and air traffic controllers’ flexibility in managing airfield operations and should help reduce departure delays.

Runway 27R is also Hartsfield-Jackson’s primary runway for emergency landings. The extension gives pilots a longer surface upon which to land during emergency situations. With the extension, the runway is now 12,389 feet long (2.34 miles). About 540,000 square feet of pavement was added.

Construction on the project began in January 2011. The project is being funded with passenger facility charges and Federal Aviation Administration grants.

The extension of the runway will enable longer nonstop flights because aircraft will be able to carry more fuel.

The extension of the runway will enable longer nonstop flights because aircraft will be able to carry more fuel.

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