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Atlanta’s commitment to public art can be traced to 1977, when a city ordinance dedicated 1 percent of eligible capital construction budgets to the arts. Since then, the Airport Art Program has built a reputation for its commitment to providing world-class art exhibits, collections and musical series.

The artworks planned for the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal continue this tradition. Four breathtaking signature pieces are set to debut on opening day. The pieces vary in materials and scope, but each represents the finest artistic merit and vision and is sure to be enjoyed by passengers from around the world.

The selection of artists to complete site-specific works for the international terminal began with the Airport Art Program’s artist registry, which lists about 500 artists and is updated every two to three years by program managers. Program managers also reviewed several national artist registries to ensure that a broad spectrum of local and national artistic visions would be considered for the project.

Airport Art Program managers then convened a selection panel, which included representatives of the Metro Atlanta Arts and Culture Coalition, Georgia State University School of Art and Design and renowned local artists. This panel reviewed more than 30 proposals and made recommendations. The Airport Art Program team, with the help and support of the selection panel and the Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, selected the finalists.

The following four signature works were selected for the international terminal:

Title: “Veneers”
Artist: Amy Landesberg
Materials: Glass, steel
Location: Pedestrian walkway connecting concourses E and F

“Veneers” is an art wall that uses glass, steel, color, pattern and light to engage passengers. Each panel of the piece depicts wood grains from extinct or endangered tree species. “Veneers” is also a functional work of art, as it divides secure and sterile areas within the pedestrian corridor between concourses E and F.

Title: “airFIELD”
Artist: Uebersee
Materials: Acrylic, liquid crystals
Location: International Atrium

"airFIELD" is a suspended, interactive sculpture with two intersecting parts. From certain angles, the form resembles a bird taking flight. Electricity is synced with aircraft arrivals and departures and pulses through the acrylic pixels, changing their transparency and creating the illusion of movement flowing through the piece.

Title: "Rebilace"
Artist: Donald Lipski
Materials: Swarovski crystal
Location: Transition area after security checkpoint

Light defines this suspended sculpture. Consisting of thousands of Swarovski crystals, this conical piece is lit from within and reflects natural light. The result is brilliant, cascading light that fills the space and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Title: "American Tapestry"
Artist: Broadcast Solutions
Materials: Ultra-high-definition (HD) video
Location: Customs and immigration processing area

This installation features beautifully captured ultra-high-definition video footage of the United States, particularly Atlanta and Georgia. Massive display screens will welcome international travelers with stunning images that represent the heart and soul of America from coast to coast.

Title: “Light Waves: Atlanta"
Artist: Christopher Janney
Materials: Glass, light, sound
Location: Sterile corridor between F1/F2 and the Federal Inspection Station on Concourse F

“Light Waves: Atlanta” uses light, color and sound to engage passengers. Soothing tones — such as chimes, birds, insects and other natural sounds — follow passengers as they move through the corridor, and light cascades onto the wall through colored glass. The artist describes the installation as an abstraction of Georgia in color and sound.

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