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Airport leaders, City of Atlanta officials, and representatives of airlines and other stakeholder groups held a series of workshops to identify and develop key design elements. These elements would be incorporated into the design aesthetic throughout the international terminal.

Primary design elements for the international terminal include:

  • Open, light and airy spaces
  • A focus on passenger comfort and convenience
  • An emphasis on environmental consciousness and sustainability
  • Local and regional materials and colors

The international terminal’s uncomplicated design represents a natural path of travel, which is evident in the sweeping lines of the building’s façade. This design note is carried throughout the facility, including the gentle ceiling curves on the departures and arrivals levels, as well as the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inspection station.

Designers approached the international terminal from the inside out — from the passengers’ perspective. For example, curbside passengers on the departures level can see through the building’s soaring glass walls to the airfield, where their flights await. The glass walls not only offer exciting views but also allow natural light to pour into the international terminal.

The interior colors are anchored by neutral tans and grays, with accents of honey, dark blue and red (reminiscent of Georgia red clay). The contemporary design also is functional, able to withstand the heavy pedestrian traffic at the world’s busiest airport.

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