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All airlines at Hartsfield-Jackson offering international service will use the international terminal complex. International flights for these carriers may be scheduled on either Concourse F or Concourse E.

In some cases, international flights may be scheduled on a domestic concourse. However, passengers on these flights will be required to check-in at the international terminal.

Airlines operating from the international terminal:

Air Canada   (888) 247-2262
Air France   (800) 237-2747
British Airways   (800) 247-9297
Delta Air Lines    (800) 221-1212
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines   (800) 447-4747
Korean Air    (800) 438-5000
Lufthansa German Airlines    (800) 645-3880
Qatar Airways   (877) 777-2827
Turkish Airlines   (800) 874-8875
Virgin Atlantic   (877) 359-8474

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