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Cicero on D

On the north end Concourse D is a display from the Airport Art Program of 30 powerful black-and-white photographs by Cicero C. Simmons.

Cicero C. Simmons (1857-1939) was a photographer from Talmo, Ga., who used his camera to document life in the small town and its surrounding area of Jackson County. He specialized in portraits, but he also made powerful observations about daily work and human interaction. Through Simmons' lens, everyday people and events in a typical rural town were made extraordinary. The subtleties of relationships, the unending cycle of cotton economics, and the heat of a summer day in turn-of-the-century Talmo seem as vivid now as they likely felt to the people in his pictures. The Airport Art Program hopes these photos give Hartsfield-Jackson travelers an intriguing glimpse into the past, providing them with a sense of history and the universality of human experience as they pass through or visit Georgia.

Since 1999 the preservation of Cicero C. Simmons' glass-plate negatives has been meticulously undertaken by Richard Stone, a fellow photographer and native to Talmo. In addition to caring for the images Stone researched the people and places in Simmons' pictures, finding their stories and thereby preserving the full legacy of the art. Thanks to Stone's effort the Simmons collection will continue to provide a pictorial history of Talmo for generations.

These photographs are a part of the Art Program's direct purchase collection. For more information, please call 404-382-2455.

Here is the title list of Simmons's photographs included in the Airport Art Program's Collection.

"Friends for Life"
"Baptizing in the Creek"
"Best Friends"(Bottom picture)
"Sugar Hill No. 38"
"Murphy Sawmill"
"Gainesville, Jefferson & Southern Railroad"
"The Simmons Blacksmith Shop"
"Gandy Dancers"
"Plowing Cotton"
"Shotgun House"
"Handsome Young Man"
"Hay Bailing"
"The Peanut Girl" (Top picture)
"Treatment Without a Cure"
"Sunday Buggy Ride"
"Studebaker Wagons and Carriages"
"Sunny Summer Day"
"Courting in Talmo"
"Bringing the Cotton to Market"
"Picking Cotton in Talmo, GA"
"Talmo Baseball Team"
"Photographers Self Portrait"
"Tom and Jane Pettyjohn"
"Big Cotton Crop in Talmo"
"Doll Party"
"Little Girls and Their Dolls"
"George Burke Mathews"
"Ringling Bros. Circus"
"The Murphy Cotton Gin"
"Grain Thrasher"