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Immigrations Art

The Airport Art Program is proud to welcome the world to the United States with a large collection of art in the Immigrations Corridor of Concourse E. Included are several permanent installations and the Immigration Corridor Gallery which holds most of the Program's direct purchase collection.

Frank Hunter Oak over Water
Frank Hunter "Oak Over Water"
Platinum palladium print, 1987
Purchased by the Airport in 1994

Over 400 works of art have been purchased or commissioned for the collection from a variety of artists since the Airport Art Program's inception in 1994. As a result, the art on display in the Immigrations Corridor Gallery is as eclectic as it is thought-provoking. Most works were acquired by single or small-scale purchases from exhibitions held in the Atrium Gallery for the Direct Purchase Collection.

Rolling Stone Press

Wayne Kline Rolling Stone Press was the vision of Atlanta artist and printmaker Wayne Kline. With Rolling Stone Press Kline created a unique place that focused on the mastery of printmaking and over the years hosted some of the finest artists to work in Atlanta. In 2007 the Airport Art Program was proud to honor Kline's legacy with an exhibition in the Atrium Gallery of prints made by some of Rolling Stones' participants. Several works were purchased for collection. They are listed below.

Benny Andrews, "Museumscape"
Linda Armstrong, "Beach"
Don Cooper, "Southeast Georgia"
Herbert Creecy, "Rushing Landscape"
Glenn Eden, "The Mysterious Bump"
Michael Ellison, "Tweet"
Howard Finster, "From Here to Eturnity"
Cheryl Goldsleger, "Inverse: Open Section"
Stephanie Jackson, "Gotta Find Me an Angel"
Wadsworth Jarrell, "Jazz Giants"
Wayne Kline, "Untitled" (pictured)
Ruth Laxson, "Ego Echo"
Katherine Mitchell, "Double Ziggurat"
Jackson Lee Nesbitt, "Auction Barn"
Jackson Lee Nesbitt, "Calhoun Street"
Curtis Patterson, "Nimbo"

For more information about Kline or the Rolling Stone Press visit

17 Days of Olympic Art
Arturo Lindsay
17 Days of Olympic Art was a unique project developed and implemented in partnership with the Coca Cola Corporation. Seventeen respected Atlanta artists were commissioned to make small-scale pieces for the series celebrating the seventeen days of events held during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. The resulting artworks are listed below.

Clyde Broadway, "Classic Revival"
Archie Byron, "World Games"
Paul Chojnowski, "Confidence"
Cynthia Cole, "Give Me One Spark"
Barbara Daupert, "Tree of Life"
Harry H. DeLorme, "Prescription"
David Fraley, "Apollo and Laurel"
Tom Francis, "Spirits"
Stefanie Jackson, "Sketch for Olympics"
Larry Jens Anderson, "The Trophy"
Roy LaGrone, "Discipline 4 Strength and Speed"
Arturo Lindsay, "Ancestral Messenger of Peace" (pictured)
John Riddle, "Swifter, Higher, Stronger, a History of the Games"
Colleen Sterling, "Legacy"
Michael A. Venezia, "Eternal Moment"
Carl Joe Williams, "The Olympic Ring"
Bingzhian Zhang, "The Soil of Atlanta Olympiad, 1996"