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International Terminal Art

Mayor Maynard H. Jackson Jr. left many legacies for Atlanta. The Airport now bears his name, along with that of Mayor William B. Hartsfield’s, to commemorate his commitment to setting standards for equality and inclusion in contracts and throughout city government. Additionally, Mayor Jackson was a visionary who saw Atlanta as a city of the arts, and he not only created a “percent-for-art” capital improvement program still in use today, but also insisted that the terminal completed in 1980 contain nine large-scale public artworks, setting a standard for airport design and laying the groundwork for today’s Airport Art Program, which maintains more than 250 works of art. For more information about these pieces or the Airport Art Program in general, please call 404-382-2250 or e-mail

Airside Court

By Uebersee, Inc. airField airField

The airFIELD is a dynamic sculpture that reflects the heartbeat of the world’s busiest hub, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Each flight that lands or takes off from this airport activates the visual behavior of the sculpture. Planes traveling a short distance create small ripples in the sculpture while planes traveling a longer distance cause greater activity. To see the actual flight data we invite you to visit the airFIELD dynamic display on the mezzanine level.

The inspiration for airFIELD comes from the invisible trajectories made by birds and airplanes landing and taking off. When seen as a time-lapse, these activities create swooping and soaring lines. These trajectories are interpreted in the two swooping shapes that create the sculpture. One form represents take off while the other one represents touch down. When seen straight on from the side, the sculpture is reminiscent of a bird in flight, different viewing angles allow for a visually complex interplay of transparency, light, and shadow. The airFIELD sculpture is made from thousands of custom-made liquid crystal discs which change from opaque to transparent states with an electric charge. Each of the discs is controlled through a custom computer program. The software constantly monitors a live stream of flight data which triggers generative motion behavior that follows carefully designed dynamic parameters allowing for an ever evolving visual experience. Watch video on making of "artFIELD"