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ATL SkyTrain Station Art

In 2009, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport introduced its new SkyTrain system, which is part of the new rental car center. To contribute to this project, the Airport Art Program added unique artwork to each of the SkyTrain stations to enhance the experience of our visitors. For more information about these pieces or the Airport Art Program in general, please call 404-382-2455 or e-mail

"Ain't Gonna Roam No More" and "Abby" (pictured)
Doug Makemson

Doug Makemson grew up out in the country of Rockford, Illinois and Commerce, Georgia. His childhood playground was the woods, fields, streams and lakes surrounding his home. That is where he developed a fascination with animals. He loved their infinite variety of form, their movements, and their inner life. Simultaneously Makemson has always been a collector of interesting pieces of metal or parts of machines. He would weld his metal treasures together to explore their shapes. Makemson found an artistic niche when he combined those two interests into creating whimsical and playful animal sculptures out of found metal and old machinery. And since dogs, especially, have always played a major role in his life the Art Program commissioned Makemson to create "Abby" and "Ain't Gonna Roam No More" for the Airport's Dog Park. Both of the sculptures were based on dogs Makemson knew personally, so these two lovable art pieces commemorate some of Makemson's friends while celebrating the four-legged companions that travel with their humans to Hartsfield-Jackson. Doug Makemson still lives and works in Commerce, Georgia. Visit for more information about him.

In Memoriam

The model for "Abby" was my beloved yellow lab, Abby, who was always willing to strike a pose. She had a full life and, a few weeks after the sculpture was completed, had a mercifully rapid demise. She was the world's best dog; I miss her. The sculpture is made mostly from parts of a back hoe and a bulldozer, and the stone is Gneiss (granite) from an old quarry near Glade, Georgia. For me, "Abby" the sculpture will always make me remember Abby the dog, the most loyal friend I ever had. -Doug Makemson, 2009

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