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Atrium Gallery

The Atrium Gallery is located in the heart of the main terminal. Rotating exhibits of two-dimensional contemporary art have been presented here since 1997 and in that time passengers have enjoyed a wide range of artistic styles and subject matters by local, national and international artists. Exhibits change roughly every six to eight weeks, allowing the Art Program to constantly refresh the space so even the most frequent visitor to Hartsfield-Jackson can find something new and interesting.

Current Exhibition
"Sistagraphy: Sound, Gesture, Movement"

Through March 19, 2014

Sistagraphy: Sound, Gesture, Movement

This exhibit is presented by the photography collective, Sistagraphy, as a part of their 20th anniversary celebration. The concept of motion is diverse, neither good nor bad, just varied. It is with this in mind that Sistagraphy has chosen to explore movement. The images in this exhibit are just as diverse as the various meanings of the word movement. In this exhibit, you will see movement expressed through dance, captured in live performance, manifested in nature, in the human body, and even through sound. Each of the photographers represented here has expressed her own interpretation of movement.

SISTAGRAPHY is a collective of African-American women whose goal is to use photography as a medium to examine issues that affect our society. As the longest known collective of its kind, Sistagraphy holds a unique place in the history of photography in the United States. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Sistagraphy also has members in California, Ohio, New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Toronto, Ontario. Just as all known things in the universe are in constant motion, so are Sistagraphy and her members.

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Previous Exhibit
"Barry J. Taratoot: Les Fleurs Photographic Collection"

At first glance, one may misconstrue these art works as a painting or an illustration. A closer look however, reveals they are indeed photographs…but how can this be?

"The painstaking and unique process by which these luminous images are captured is totally unique and unusual. But it yields an extraordinary gift – astonishing variations in shadow and light and a soft yet vivid color, and a dream-like “3D” tonality so visually stunning that most viewers are lead to believe they are looking at a pastel illustration or a painting and not a photograph. The unique illumination wraps around and caresses each petal and leaf in such a way that the photos have been described as surreal, “ghostly,” and “hauntingly beautiful.” It is like looking at plants in a parallel universe, one you can neither feel nor touch, but convincingly real enough looking to make you want to try. And yet through the cloudy softness is the most striking detail of each and every Les Fleurs plant, right down to the very delicate veining within leaves and petals."

Les Fleurs photographs are captured by modern digital techniques, yet these images are not the product of painting software nor are they manipulated in a way whatsoever beyond basic color enhancement, placement of the plants, and dust removal.

Barry J. Taratoot is a native Georgian born in 1960. He is honored and proud to exhibit his photographic works of fine art in his native city of Atlanta. Through the years, Barry has seen the City and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport grow both physically and culturally, which is also apparent in his work thanks in large measure to Atlanta’s prominence in international commerce and transportation which afford him the opportunity to photograph some of the most truly beautiful and unique plants and flowers cultivated around the world.

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