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Atrium Display Cases

Newly renovated Atrium Display Cases are located in the heart of the Main Terminal. Exhibits of two and three-dimensional works are on rotation every six months.

“Pioneers of Contemporary American Woodturning”

The ancient craft of woodturning has been transformed into a contemporary art form by a new breed of innovative wood turners. These artists began to sever the traditional ties to function in pursuit of producing vessels and other sculptural forms that expressed their highly individualized aesthetic concerns. Their experimentation has led to the redesign of lathes, the fabrication of new tools, and the development of new turning techniques. Their works range in scale from miniature to monumental, and the variety of woods used is more diverse than ever before. Some also explore the artistic possibilities of cast-off materials like burls, stumps, and decayed or insect-infested wood. Others incorporate techniques such as lamination and segmentation, bleaching, dyeing or painting the surface and some embellish the objects with carvings and sgrafitto. There seems to be no limit to the imagination of contemporary studio woodturners. The work of Bob Stocksdale, Rude Osolnik, Ed Moulthrop are a few highlights of this collection.