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General Manager’s "Spotlight on Guest Services Award" Winner June 2015

Customer Service
Angela Allen, Southwest Airlines

Angela went the extra mile to return a lost iPad that had slipped out of its case because of a broken zipper. The guest didn’t notice the iPad was missing until he was on his flight and needed to do some work. Once he arrived at his next stop, he received a call from Angela saying that someone returned the iPad to her, and she immediately notified him. She was willing to hold the iPad until the guest returned but since he was not returning to Atlanta, she took the iPad home for safekeeping. On her day off, she sent it to him as promised. The guest says Angela is a dependable, honest and sweet person who helped him out in a major jam.

General Manager’s "Spotlight on Customer Service Award" Winner April 2015

Customer Service
Levrah Solomon, Delaware North Company

Levrah went the extra mile while waiting to be picked up after his shift ended. He noticed what appeared to be a lost bag. He found identification, contacted the guest and left messages in an attempt to reach him. Finally after receiving a text from the guest, Levrah asked for the man’s address. Levrah took the bag to a FedEx location and shipped it back to the guest. The next day, the guest received his bag and sent Levrah a text that included the following message. “Thank you so very much. You saved me a tremendous amount of time, money energy and grief. No words are necessary when actions like yours speak for themself. Your professionalism and willingness to assist others epitomize the traits of a customer-focused employee.

General Manager’s "Spotlight on Customer Service Award" Winner February 2015

Customer Service
Airport Employment Training Center employees Sonia Villagomez, Renetheia Atwaters and Jose Rodriguez

While working near the Terminal South Security Checkpoint, these employees noticed an individual who appeared suspicious and disoriented. After further engagement with the individual, they learned he had knives and other prohibited items in his backpack. The trio advised the man to place these items in a nearby trashcan, and they called the police. These three employees played a key role in ensuring the safety of Airport guests and employees, and their quick thinking prevented what could have been a catastrophe.

General Manager’s "Spotlight on Customer Service Award" Winner November 2014

Customer Service
Henry Myton, United Airlines

Henry assisted a passenger in locating their lost bags. He apologized to the customer and within five minutes, Henry had the passenger’s bag in his hand. The passenger stated that Henry ended a 24-hour nightmare in a matter of five minutes.

General Manager’s "Spotlight on Customer Service Award" Winner September 2014

Customer Service
Pam Burke, Southwest Airlines

Pam assisted a family en route to Disney World whose flight was cancelled. She found another flight departing the same day. She also took care of lunch for the family and provided them with vouchers for a future flight on Southwest Airlines.

General Manager’s "Spotlight on Customer Service Award" Winner July 2014

Customer Service
Harvey Sumlin, Southwest Airlines

Harvey assisted an elderly passenger who was a wheelchair bound amputee. The passenger was brought to the Airport and left at the ticket counter with no assistance. When Harvey noticed that the customer’s clothes were soiled, he found a ramp worker’s uniform. He clothed and cleaned up the customer in time for him to make his flight to BWI.

General Manager’s "Spotlight on Customer Service Award" Winner May 2014

Customer Service
Carroll "CJ" Washington, AETC/ABM

PCJ helped a passenger locate a purse lost on the ATL train that contained money, diamond earrings, credit cards, a passport and ID. CJ found the purse and returned it with everything intact.

General Manager’s "Spotlight on Customer Service Award" Winner March 2014

Customer Service
Patrick Grove, Southwest Airlines

Patrick assisted a young passenger who was afraid of flying alone and whose mom was just as nervous. Patrick located the passenger, rebooked her and stayed with her until she was successfully ready for take-off.