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Using Trak-a-LineSM

How Trak-a-Line Works

Enter your approximate flight departure time and your e-mail address in the form provided. Upon registering, you will be sent an e-mail whenever there are changes to the wait times at the security checkpoint lines. If the wait time at the security checkpoint lines lengthen or shorten, you'll know right away via e-mail. Once your approximate flight departure time passes, the e-mail notification will stop.

In addition, you can even specify a short or long e-mail message. The short message is ideal for e-mail-capable cell phones and pagers. The longer message is better suited to laptop and desktop computers.

Please note that your privacy is very important to us. Your e-mail address will only be used to send you updates on the flight(s) you've registered for. We will not sell or distribute your e-mail address to anyone.

Current Status

Domestic South Checkpoint :
less than 15 minutes
International Checkpoint :
less than 15 minutes
Domestic Main Checkpoint :
15 – 30 minutes
Domestic North Checkpoint :
15 – 30 minutes
Last Update: Aug 27, 2016 11:05:00 AM (EDT)
Airport advises passengers to arrive three hours prior to their scheduled departure time. Trak-a-Line


  • These times are approximate and do not include baggage check-in and ticketing.
  • click here to receive security checkpoint alerts when the information changes.(Register to Trak-a-LineSM)