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HJAIA Security Checkpoint Tracking System Disclaimer

The Security Checkpoint Line Information (Trak-a-LineSM) is a free service provided by the City of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (the "Airport") for its customers. The estimated wait times provided by the Trak-a-LineSM system is solely for the security screening checkpoint. However, the Airport does not control the checkpoint or the wait times. Additionally, the system does not provide information regarding the wait time for the airlines' ticketing and check-in counters.

The information provided by the Trak-a-LineSM is separate from the Flight Information System maintained by the Airlines. Please be advised that each airline is responsible for updating the information contained in the Trak-a-Flight Information System. Therefore, should any uncertainty regarding the passenger's flight arise, the passenger will need to contact their airline or travel agent for additional information.

Also, the status of flights is constantly changing, and it is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure they have current information.