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The arrivals level of the international terminal serves passengers arriving in the United States. After passengers leave the aircraft, a corridor guides them to escalators down to the arrivals level.

Natural light and a high, gently curved ceiling greet passengers in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and immigration processing hall. This open area features 20 passport-control service counters and an art installation of ultra-high-definition video footage of the United States.

The next stop on the arrivals level is the baggage claim area. Baggage for Atlanta-bound passengers and connecting passengers who arrive at Concourse F — as well as for Atlanta-bound passengers who arrive at Concourse E — will be sent to these seven carousels.

A transition area is just past baggage claim on Concourse F. Here, Atlanta-bound passengers will turn right into the arrivals hall. Passengers with connecting flights to other U.S. destinations will turn left to the baggage recheck counters.

Family, friends and others can wait in the arrivals hall to meet Atlanta-bound passengers arriving aboard international flights at concourses E and F. The ground transportation area, passenger pickup curb and hourly parking facility are just outside the arrivals hall.

After connecting passengers recheck their baggage, they will follow signs to the Concourse F Plane Train station or the pedestrian walkway. Both connect with all other Airport concourses (T, A, B, C, D and E) and the domestic terminal.

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