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Center Point Mosaics

In 2009 the Airport Art Program introduced three distinctive Mosaics at the center points of Concourses A, B, and C. Each creation was designed by a different Atlanta painter specifically for this project. The inspiration comes from the artists' individual visions as they try to give travelers a sense of place when visiting Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The designs were translated into stunning floor pieces by Miotto Mosaics and hand made in Italy before being shipped and specially installed. For more information about these pieces or the Airport Art Program in general please email or call 404-382-2455.

Cheryl Goldsleger

To create her mosaic Goldsleger started by making an encaustic painting based on the first official map of Atlanta. Drawn in 1853, the map encompassed the entire town of the day - parts of Peachtree, Decatur, Wall, Pryor and Central Streets - about one square mile that still exist in our current downtown area. In 1853 the population of Atlanta was approximately 6000, having grown due to its location at the eastern end of the newly constructed Western and Atlantic Railroad that provided a trade route with the Midwest. With this intersection of transportation and growth in mind she focused her piece on this small piece of Atlanta's history. Goldsleger feels that urban space and how it defines itself is one of the most telling aspects of a society. Her mosaic's visually fragmented grid-like sectors, each angled slightly askew to one another, highlight Atlanta's diverse interwoven communities that come together at its core to make Atlanta the rich, international city that it is. With that Goldsleger added a labyrinth framing the central image. The labyrinth underscores her personal fascination with geometry and serves as a counterpoint to the fluid organization of the central image. To Goldsleger the labyrinth acts as a metaphor for exploration both of Atlanta and any other destination a traveler may venture to from here. Through it she opens the invitation to public interaction with the design by walking the maze to contemplate travel, adventure, community and change. Cheryl Goldsleger is an artist based out of Athens, Georgia. Her mosaic was constructed primarily out of natural stone tiles and some glass.

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