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Main Terminal and T Gate Installations

To get a taste of the Airport Art Program's offerings without a boarding pass, look no further than Hartsfield-Jackson's main terminal. A variety of installations can be found on the interior and exterior of the building. From bronze sculptural abstractions to giant ants, surprises are throughout the space for visitors at the Airport. Then, just beyond security, more work awaits those who are traveling. Why not come a little early this time to enjoy the art?

North Terminal Curbside

"Samsonite" and "Rolling Suitcase"
Rolling Suitcase Leo Sewell

These two pieces can be found in the median of the Terminal North curb. "Rolling Suitcase" is an oversized piece of luggage playfully composed of street signs, while "Samsonite" is made of license plates from each of the 50 states. Having grown up near a dump, Sewell is a self-proclaimed "junk sculptor." His work redefines found objects to create interesting and fun new interpretations. These companion pieces are no exception. Both were installed in 1999.

"Past and Present in Moving Color"
Roberto Delgado

Sewell Penguin Located on the façade of the Terminal North parking deck, Delgado's large-scale mural celebrates history of travel as well as the traveling experience and all of the excitement held within - going from an old to a new city, from old friends to new friends, from the known to the unknown. He wanted to show mystery, movement and rhythm by forming a vibrant composition filled with people, faces, color, modes of transportation and old pictures from the City of Atlanta archives. The piece is created out of ceramic tiles treated with a mix of printing, painting and glazing. It was installed at the Airport in 1998.

South Terminal Curbside

Sewell Penguin "Penguin"
Leo Sewell

Patiently waiting, suitcase in hand, on the lower level curb of Terminal South is an unlikely traveler. Sewell's oversized "Penguin" is composed of found aluminum objects meticulously welded and bolted into place. Installed in 1999, he has been stoically standing alongside his human companions at Hartsfield-Jackson looking for a ride home, too.

"Ancestral Notions"
Curtis Patterson

Sewell Penguin Encompassing the entire front side of the Terminal South parking deck, Patterson's "Ancestral Notions" explores totemic figures and ceremonial language from a collective past. Large animal heads that are pared down to the simplest form majestically overlook the Airport. Symbols and archetypes are carefully carved into the gridded metal well. Installed in 1998, it is one of the largest single pieces ever commissioned for Hartsfield-Jackson. It was crafted out of cast and manipulated bronze.