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Gallery T North

Gallery T North is comprised of 120 feet of cases located along the north corridor of the T gates. This exciting exhibition space is the second largest in the Airport and allows the Art Program to present large-scale rotating shows. Exhibits are changed annually and scheduled several years in advance.

2011 Exhibition
"All Creatures Great and Small"

This special exhibition from the Georgia Museum of Art's permanent collection and from the collection of Carl and Marian Mullis examines works of art that depict animals. Most of the self-taught artists featured in the exhibition have spent their lives in the South; some were born or raised in the region, then moved to other areas of the country. This exhibit reflects the special connection that most people - from small children to senior citizens - have with the creatures with whom we share this planet.

The exhibition's title, "All Creatures Great and Small," comes from the second line of "All Things Bright and Beautiful," a 19th-century Anglican hymn by Cecil Frances Alexander that celebrates the beauty of creation. The title also reflects the wide array of animals, artistic styles, sizes and materials in the exhibit, which is a visual as well as literal menagerie. People long have used animals in art to symbolize religious, social and political beliefs, and artists have found ongoing creative inspiration in the natural world. Animals appear in the cave paintings of Lascaux, which show animals as food, and in the various creation stories in different mythologies. They have been a common subject in Christian art, for example, since the early days of Latin and Byzantine image-making. The narrative tradition of animal protagonists and self-identification with heraldic animals appears in African culture, too, and holds both collective folkloric and subjective personal meanings in contemporary folk art.

(abridged from "A Word on the Exhibition" by Paul Manoguerra, chief curator, Georgia Museum of Art)

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All Creatures Great and Small
Reggie Meaders, Dinosaur

All Creatures Great and Small
R. A. Miller, Purple Chicken

All Creatures Great and Small
Albert Hodge, Night Bandit

Past Exhibitions
"From the Collection of the Tellus Science Museum"
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"From Tradition to Innovation: Enriching Lives Through Art"
Artwork from the permanent collection of Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
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2008 "Found Objects Transfigured"
An exploration of art created with found objects, curated by the Connell Gallery