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Rotating Sculpture Park

In 2009, the Art Program installed four pedestals in the refurbished ground transportation holding area just outside the west end of the main terminal and beneath the SkyTrain station. These pedestals act as a rotating sculpture park, featuring exhibitions of free-standing, three-dimensional art. Now, passengers have the chance to admire the talents of sculptors from around the Southeast as they wait for their ride or simply take a break from the hectic pace of travel. To keep the site fresh and viewers engaged, work here changes annually. For more information about this or the Airport Art Program in general, please contact or call 404-382-2455.

2009 Exhibition
Works by Phil Proctor

Phil Proctor's approach to sculpture is an interpretive one. He works with found objects and recycled materials exploring their materiality to find their "voice" they tell him what they are, what they were or what they desire to be. This intuitive approach gives Proctor a way to analyze his own interactions with culture, life and physical existence.

The kinetic element presented in the four pieces on display at Hartsfield-Jackson represents a new exploration for Proctor into the concepts of energy and matter. For these sculptures, Proctor drew inspiration from shapes found in studies of the atmosphere, mass, energy and motion, some of which may be more obvious than others. He enjoys playing the ambiguity presented by these abstracted creations because that lets his viewers interpret the work with the same spirit of discovery he had when he explored the origins of the forms.

Phil Proctor lives and works in southeast Atlanta. Visit to learn more about the artist.

Rotating Sculpture Park