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Youth Art Gallery

The Airport Art Program is proud to present three Youth Art Galleries at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Georgia students, from kindergarten to twelfth grade, are given the opportunity to have their artwork professionally exhibited to an ever-changing audience in the millions. In return these talented youth provide new artwork every three months to enrich the airport with upbeat perspectives, creativity and visual storytelling.

The first gallery (on Concourse T) opened in the summer of 1997. In December of 1998 a second gallery opened in the International Concourse (Concourse E). Both of these galleries are coordinated by the Airport Art Program in partnership with the Georgia Art Education Association (GAEA). The GAEA is committed to improving the conditions of teaching art across Georgia. They provide workshops and exhibition possibilities for Georgia's art students, and hold conferences twice a year for teachers. The GAEA also works with citizen groups and government agencies to secure funding and support for the visual and performing arts in schools.

The third Youth Art Gallery is located on Concourse D, where the Airport Art Program collaborates with the Youth Art Connection of downtown Atlanta. The Youth Art Connection (YAC) is a part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta. YAC uses the arts as a means to connect with underserved children and teens in order to address issues related to youth culture. They also collaborate with the community to provide innovative and challenging cultural enrichment programs for young people.

To participate in or obtain information about the Youth Art Galleries on Concourse T or on Concourse E, please visit the Georgia Art Education Association's website at or click here for a brochure.

For information about the Youth Art Gallery on Concourse D and the Youth Art Connection or the Boys & Girls Clubs in Metro Atlanta visit

To purchase artwork from any of the three Youth Art Galleries please call (404) 382-2455 to check availability and make arrangements.

To see images of the current and past shows visit us on Facebook.

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Youth Art - Concourse D Spring 2009