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Cellular Coverage

Hartsfield-Jackson’s wireless system provides cellular, PCS and public safety wireless coverage throughout the inside of the Airport.

The state-of-the-art, fiber-based distributed antenna system (DAS) forms the core of this universal radio coverage, which is a vital line of communication for the many people who work in or pass through the Airport daily. The 700-plus antennas of DAS provide wireless coverage to the 6.8 million square feet of Airport area, spanning two terminals, domestic and international terminal Atriums, seven concourses and the underground train tunnel.

The wireless system at Hartsfield-Jackson has the following prominent features:

  1. Universal Cellular/PCS/Public Safety Radio Coverage: The primary benefit of the neutral-host system is to improve wireless radio coverage for cellular/PCS throughout the Airport. The distributed antenna system (DAS) provides:

    • Universal coverage, improved call clarity and higher data throughput.
    • Fewer blocked, dropped and missed calls.
    • Very reliable wireless service in hard-to-reach radio coverage areas of the Airport.
    • A vast distribution network throughout the building for radio transmissions in cellular and PCS.
    • Improved service that keeps wireless customers connected.

  2. Neutral-Host Wireless System: The DAS provides coverage and capacity benefits to multiple wireless providers via a single fiber-distribution backbone, eliminating the need to add independent systems.

    • Regional wireless providers have a unique opportunity to have a presence along with national wireless providers.
    • DAS is designed to accommodate all major wireless standards and protocols.
    • The DAS accommodates all major wireless standards and protocols.
    • All wireless providers have an equal opportunity to offer consistent, reliable service to their customers at Hartsfield-Jackson.

  3. Booster for current and future mobile applications with excellent network quality: The dedicated in-building DAS enables wireless providers to offer third-generation (3G) services and beyond to their customers at Hartsfield-Jackson.

    • High-speed 3G voice and data services — including but not limited to GSM, CDMA1x, EVDO, WCDMA, UMTS and iDEN — will serve not only as a booster for voice services but also as a launching platform for services such as streaming video and other high-bandwidth mobile applications.
    • The customer will experience “complete and seamless mobility.”
    • The strong, reliable network offered by the DAS positions the Airport as a premier launching pad for next-generation technologies.